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Imported from Trinidad

It has been said that the Caribbean is to rum as Scotland is to whisky or France to wine. Taking that one step further, every island has its own natural ingredients, distilling and blending techniques, and its own standards for smoothness, “lightness” or “darkness”, strength and aging. Trinidad is renowned for light, exceptionally smooth rum and has been the home of many world renowned rum makers for centuries.

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Product Profile

Enjoy a better rum cocktail when you use Cane Run Estate Rum. Imported from Trinidad, its superior taste is achieved by blending fresh light rum with rums that have been aged up to 5 years.

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Create Your Signature Cocktail

The world of mixology is more personalized than ever before. A light, extremely mixable rum like Cane Run lets you explore your inner bartender, whether you want an elegant martini style drink or a refreshing rum drink for hot summer days.

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